Friday, December 31, 2010


Some inspiration from the brand American Gold.

I just discovered American Gold founded by Suzanne Ford Carafano with the desire to create pieces that document her experiences while traveling all over America. Always made of the finest silks, crochets, and cottons, all of the materials in the American Gold collection are handpicked to construct a supremely soft garment of the highest quality construction and attention to detail.

 The mood is Indian summers, sleeping under the stars in Joshua Tree, collections of taxidermy and Southwestern trinkets, roadside flea markets, listening to the Rolling Stone's "Moonlight Mile" on repeat, whiskey soaked nights in Nashville, musing over Marianne Faithful and Anita Pallenberg, sleeping past checkout in old motel rooms, first kisses, discovering Emmylou Harris for the first time, summer flings, wearing sequins in the daytime, humid summers spent lounging on wraparound porches, sleepovers, playing hooky, 4 pm purple thunder storms, re-reading Walt Whitman, living free, and making new best friends wherever you go.

I want to see more!

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