Friday, August 6, 2010


So this is my final collection! After many hard days of work and no sleep I made it in the end! I was ready the same morning as my last jury. We had 2-3 month to work on the collection. It was almost no time, and I slept around 3 houres every night. The last week I'm sure I only slept one hour every night to get it all done. Crazy! Running to the store to get some food or eating while working. But in the same time I enjoy to work like that. Makes me more creativ.

One week before the jury I had my shooting with Munia Sbouri, a very talented photographer. A friend I know from Sweat Shop. She is amazing! Hope to work with her in the future! And for that, thanks to Lia R. Paris, a great friend! If I didn't know her I would never know Martena Duss that started Sweat Shop with Sisi or Sarah Jussila that was a great help in this term. I also worked a little every weekend in Sweat Shop with my collection. And in return I helped them a little. Lovely people and a great ambiance!

I had no social life before summer, used all of my money on fabrics and the shooting. Sometimes I used to draw my fabrics before I knew if I could find them at De giles, my favorit store in Rue de la roquette. If I didnt find the fabric I wanted I made it myself! I love that something is happening in the fabric. That it's alive! I get alot inspired of nature. Maybe because I'm from Norway.. A mix of all, traveling ect. I can draw for hours and don't really think about what I'm drawing. I'm really relaxed when I draw and in the end I think that makes it something different.

Organic b'z was allways with me too. Filming for the blog. Some fun between all stress. I know they have some more to show on the blog after awhile. Cant wait to see. Great people that everyone should know!

And my model, Harriet Faulkner that came to school and for the shooting. She helped me alot! Hour after hour! And so patient! I owe you!

It's strange that 3 years of hard work in school is over now. But the reality starts now!
I'm so happy to have been in Oslo this summer. I feel good. Nice to be around family and friends.
I'm ready to go back to Paris and work. I have a feeling that It's going to be great :)
See you soon my friends <3

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